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Our program of delivery!

Hub- und ZuggeräteHydraulic hoists and conveyor machines:

tackle, lifting jack, hoisting equipment, forklifts

HubwerkeLifting unit:

Electric-/ compressed air-/ rope and chains hoist, spur wheel tackle

Anschlagmittellifting accessories:

Ropes, chains, tapes, Traverse, various grip arms, clips


Sectional gates, Rolling gates, Folding gates, Round run gates, Sliding gates, Yard sliding and entrance gates, Pendulum gates and stripe curtains, Gate impulses and controls, Fire prevention gates


Bridge crane, cover crane, hinge crane, slewing crane, garage crane, radio controls, conductor line

Seilwindenhoisting winch:

Winds of all kind for wall and floor mounting, with worm gearing, planet impulse and spur wheel gears

HebebühnenHydraulic hoist:

Car lifts and others

FlurförderzeugeGround Conveyor:

Elevating platform truck, hydraulic lift, Electric elevating platform trucks, hand lift

Spare part service for all brands.